On the groundfloor the comfortable lounge and the well-stocked bar invite you to linger, enjoy and read, or to play chess and billiards. Our rooms are aoses of well-being. They are designed in a wide variety of sizes, floor plans and styles. There is something for every taste. No room is exactly the same as the other. The variety of our furnishings ranges from comfortable, to rustic (with paneled walls or ceilings), elegant (Louis XVI style with period furniture), and to very modern (with lots of wood and inventive room layouts). Through the balconies, which almost every room has, the spectacular landscape all around is brought into the rooms.

Hotel Seelos Mountain
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Hotel Seelos Seefeld
Welcome to the Seelos
At a seat in a theatre lodge in Seefeld

The monumental way you will lodge with us.

At the first place above the roofs of Seefeld. The village is right at your feet and you can see the wonderful mountains in all directions: close enough to touch and all the way up to the horizon. The all-round view of the panorama is extraordinary!